L2 Age Of Odin x100 Interlude Server


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Fully Authentic Gameplay Lineage2 Old School Spirit! Best Protections for High-Quality Game!
Bad News

Hello deal Players.
Iam the Owner of the server(Sponsor) , the dev just robbed me and dont answering to any messages.
Iam trying to find solution.
Thank you who believed in us.

Grand Opening!

Hello everyone !!!
Today we wanna announce our server start date
L2 Age Of Odin x100 live starts 2017 03 18 16:00 +3GMT.
Here is our first season after 3 month of closed beta mode.
We expect high online and we're working hard on it.

Ragnarok (PvP/Farm) 100x Grand Opening March 18 - Full Server Information

Clan Event - Here.

Forum Official Opened!

Hi Lineage 2 players !
Today we opened official Forum,now you can get more information about us.
Also you can speak in forum about our server,bugs,search clans and members! Also i wanna tell about "Clan secion" If you wanna get your clan secion you must write to administration.

50% Donate money back in players accounts

Every season we bring back 30% donate coints.
Atention: All beta mode donate moneys add in your accounts 100%.

Real Money Rewards

In our server you can win real money from our donate bank.
How its working? Server one wipe period have 6 moths.
Top 1 PvP player get 50 EUR
Top 2 PvP player get 30 EUR
Top 3 PvP player get 15 EUR
So by the best and get money! For more information read in our forum.

Server files & Protection

Hello again,we wanna give some information about server. We use Russian Files with the new protection system from bots and other exploits. Server files is modified like L2OFF platform (skills,item stats,bosses and other)
About server protection i can tell only that, we use Smart Guard. So no more adrenaline or other software.

DDoS Protected

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